Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 17, 2001 (local)

Tropical Depression #31 is getting to be an old friend, you know the type, they come to visit and never go home. As I write this, we are sitting in Lele Harbor on the Island of Kosrae. For the last two days we were not able to leave the boat due to lots of wind and rain. Due to the murky water here in the harbor we have not been able to make water but Dave and Tom came up with a way to trap and divert rain water into the water fill which is working our well. We're anchored right in front of the church and yesterday (Sunday) we could hear all the singing, which is something to hear. To date, we still haven't seen much of the island.

Sunday being a special day, we had planned for a "Movie and a Dinner". The movie was Random Hearts and the dinner was Roasted Leg of Lamb with baked potatoes and least not forget, a bottle of 1996 Mount Pleasant "Shiraz" from Australia. A good time was had by the three of us.

On a more serious side, we are ready to get moving again. We are getting behind schedule for this leg and we do miss our friends and family. Hopefully this storm will move on shortly.

Monday, December 17th 2001, on Kosrae Island.


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