December 18, 2001 (local)

Dear Jim:

Thanks for the report. It is reassuring to have something in my hands saying, "this to shall pass". The knock on the boat this morning in the dark with the voice yelling that "the typhoon has turned and is headed right at us" was a little unsettling as we had 40 knots of wind to seemingly back up his claim.

After talking to you and seeing the report from Walt, we spent twenty minutes talking about whether to have steaks or ribs for dinner. We chose steaks and started thawing same. If Walt is wrong we will have wasted good beef. I hate to waste a good steak.

As I write this it is blowing 2.5 knots, five seconds ago it was 49.3, now its 36, now its 18 - 22 - 27 - 31 - 38 -13 -11 - 15 - 18 - 22 - 25 - 29 - 33 - 38 - 42 knots, up and down as fast as I am writing this. (I'm a slow typist.) As we look out through the channel and out to open sea, we can see these big squall lines blowing past. Rain angled back about 45 degrees, moving fast. One - two - three will pass outside and then one will come over the peak ahead and go right over us. Black as night, wind and rain slam into the boat, chain stretched tight, boat shakes and vibrates...then it's gone. You look out to see if you've slipped any and then pour another cup of coffee.

We will send another report as conditions change.


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