Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 18, 2001 (local)

Hi Everyone,

We have been out of touch for a couple of days with our hands full dealing with the weather. At this moment, tropical storm Faxai is 63 miles Northwest of our location with 55-60 knots of wind. We are now waiting for a new update and if possible, we are going to try to leave tomorrow. We have been able to get ashore a little bit, but with the weather and little notice we've had to make the mad dash for the dingy to make sure the boat is safe.

This island is the nicest one we have been on to date. Everyone is smiling and everywhere it's very clean. Not much in the way the way of food supplies, but we are still in pretty good shape for the moment. We are all pretty much rested up and ready to put some miles under our keel. We do need to pick up some fuel.

Yesterday we invited everyone in our anchorage (2 sailboats) over for poo-poo's and librations. Joining us for lots of good conversation, sea stories and weather stuff were Sabrina and Patrick Andores from Switzerland who are here on the sailing vessel "Rebeca", a 1960 51-ft. wooden schooner built in France as well as Don Post, a Californian whose wife, Karen, is back home having knee surgery. Don's got a real interesting story in that he and Karen sailed their 38-ft. cutter rigged Down Easter here a little over a year ago for a three month stay. As you can see, he is still here. The Posts have found what they think is the most perfect place to spend the rest of their lives. They're very involved with the local people and the lifestyle. Don is learning the language and in the process of creating an exchange program for school children between the US and the local natives. Oh, to change places with Don and Karen garners more than a fleeting thought, don't you think?

As I write this the Sun is trying to peek thru. Lets all keep are fingers crossed.

The stats are as follows:

We're on the Island of Kosrae, Lele Bay, N 05*24' / E 163*11'. The date is December 19th, the day is Wed. Local time is 12:05pm and 0005uct. Lots of rain and 25 knt winds out of the west. The air temp is 83.5 Degrees F and the water is 85 Degrees F. The Barometer is 1006 mb and holding steady.


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