Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 20, 2001 (local)

It is late Wednesday night here in Kosrae Harbor, winds are 25 to 40 knots depending on when you look up to see the meter. One minute it is 25, a few minutes later it is blowing 35 or 40 knots. We are happy with 25, happy with 35, even happy with 40. The boat handles it well, the anchor is holding and we are kind of used to it here in this little harbor. You just kind of roll your eyes, look at the two boats to port to see what they are doing and smile as the wind dies. We would be very happy not to see anything higher for a day at least. We are a bit tired and need just a day or two to get ready for sea again.

We have been driving around, into and been surrounded by this storm they called TS/31 and now is known as "Faxai", for the last nine days. She has moved to the left, slipped to the right, two steps back and forward and then just stopped in our path. She has been beautiful and spirited at times and down right mean at others. She has taught me much I did not know. The lessons are quick, the tests are hard and there is either a pass or fail grade. She will accept no excuses, no notes from home and there is no make up test. She is the sea.

Faxai is now headed northwest. The Nordhavn, Scappare and Rebecca are not sorry to see her go. We are three ships seeking shelter. We had shared our information, lent a hand, stripped our decks, set our hooks... and as Faxai looked to returned once again we prepared for the next, fight is not quite right...for the next test, only it did not come. The storm turned. We neither passed nor failed. But we are here and we are well...and by God, the coffee sure tasted good this morning.

At this time we believe Faxei is headed for Pohnpei and building again. She will be stronger and faster. We were headed to Pohnpei. I am glad to be here in Kosrea. We now know of several sailboats in Pohnpei through our new friends, Don on board Scaparre and Patrick and Sabrina on board Rebecca. I do not know these people in Pohnpei, but I wish them the best. These are friends we have not yet met, but they are people who will help us with a tool, join us in a meal, or share a bottle of wine and offer a story or two. We will know them once and remember them forever.

They will be tested in the days to come. I know they will pass, they studied long to get here. Good luck to our future friends.


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