Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 20, 2001 PST

Dear Dave, Ray and Tom:

It now appears that you have a green light to depart for Yap - anytime after your 10:00AM today.

As of 6 hrs ago - 1200Z - Dec 20th - the storm was 118 NM @ 242 mag.

At 1200Z Dec 21 - it should be at 515NM @ 230 mag.

We'll watch it closely and suggest you lay a direct course for Yap.

[Forecaster Walt Hack] feels the reliability of the storm's continued northwest movement - towards Guam - is good.

He expects some sloppy conditions on your departure with light south to southeast winds backing to the northeast in three days.

The long term Raytech forecast shows light, mostly easterly, somewhat variable winds along your route for the next 7 days. Maybe you'll get a break....

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