Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 21, 2001 (local)

Good Day All,

We are underway! It feels good to be moving again. For this leg, once again our crew consists of Dave, Tom and myself (Ray). Unlike our arrival, we left in very excellent weather. The sun is out and puffy clouds abound. We left at 10:30am local time. We were going to go around the other side of the Island to get fuel, but after Dave had a brief discussion with the people who supply the fuel, it was decided to head straight out and pick up fuel at Pohnpei Island. We intend to just pick up and head right back out and set our course for Yap Island.

Last night, being our final night on this wonderful island, we went out to dinner. After careful consideration, (there are only two places that serve dinner) we decided to go to the "Kosrae Village Restaurant". Like everywhere else on the island, it was very busy. There were three tables with people. Being the shy people that we are, we invited a couple from one of the tables to join us. They were on their Honeymoon.

Kosrae Village is the ultimate getaway place. It offers some of the best diving to be had. When you visit Kosrae Village you would stay in a "lohm" (a traditional Kosraen thatched bungalow home) and experience the relaxed pace of village life. This resort is small, with only 10 lohm and very private. It's built in the "eco style". Also on site is the "Sleeping Lady Divers", a PADI 5 Star dive center with everything one would need including repairs. I must say that this is a place to really get away. There is no TV and only one telephone in the main office and your cell phone will not work here. If you would like to contact them, you can do so by email telephone 691 370.3483

Normally on most islands when you check out, there is a departure fee due. When Dave went ashore to do the paperwork and check us out, he asked about how much the departure fee was. The gentlemen in charge asked him if we spent a lot of money during our stay, Dave said yes and the Customs man said, "you owe us nothing". We love this island!

Just before we raised our anchor, Patrick and Sabrina (S/V Rebecca) stopped by and gave us some home made croissants and to wish us farewell and safe journey. Sabrina also mentioned that it was her mothers birthday and would it be OK to use our Sat phone to wish her Happy Birthday. And what do you think three men who have been on a boat by themselves would say to a good looking lady who just baked them croissants? She thanked us profusely.

Kosrae Island is a very special place.

The stats are as follows,

The day is December 21st and the time is 2:44pm local and 0244uct. Our position is N 05*27' / E 162*51. Our speed is 3.2knts SOG ( one heck of a current) at 1600rpm. The temp. is 85.1 degrees F and the Barometer is at 1006 and falling. Our next landfall (Pohnpie) is 280nm on a course of 241M. The wind is off our port beam at 11knts.


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