Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 25, 2001 (local)

Hi Everybody,

Today is Christmas on the Island of Pohnpei. But on the boat, we've decided to wait and celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25 PST with all of our family back home.

We thought that we would be underway yesterday but once again the fuel and officials took more time than what we thought. Not only that but since it was Christmas eve for them, they shut down at noon. As I'm writing this, we are pulling into the commercial dock to do our final checkout.

It's been very a warm stay here. Can't wait to get to Yap Island to get our new air conditioning.

Pohnpei is a very lovely island but - in my opinion - not as nice as Kosrae. This island is very populated with a much faster pace. We were actually able to go into a new WalMart to do all our provisioning! They had a very good selection of everything we needed. Phonpei is located halfway between Hawaii and Manila and lies in the middle of the eastern Caroline Islands. It is the largest island of the Federated States of Micronesia with a land area of 334 square kilometers. Its main topographical features are the outer barrier reef, the intertidal lagoon, the fringe reef and the mangrove forest, the lowland area on the outer edges of the island and the central mountain rain forest. The population is 34,000 - most people live on Phonpei with a small percentage on the outer atolls. Pohnpei has been called the Garden Island. This island abounds in tropical forest, cascading mountain streams, spectacular waterfalls, hidden pools and the most amazing flora.

One of the boats here in the anchorage is called Nepenthe, the owners are Jim Karczenski and Carol Robert and their guest is Dee Sampson from California. Talk about a small world, Dee is a neighbor of Wendell Streech who is the father of Dan Streech, the President of PAE/Nordhavn (our boss). Another very nice lady that we met was Kaori Mizumoto. We first met Kaori on Kosrae Island at the Kosrae Village Resort while she was on vacation. She was very helpful when we arrived on Pohnpei and certainly thank her for all her help. When you're out cruising, it is so easy to make friends in a very short time. The only problem is that you have to say goodbye so soon.

After much consideration, we have decide to give ourselves a Christmas present and spend another day. We are going to one of the famous waterfalls and go swimming in its pools.

So from our location at the Rumors Marina & Bar, we're going to say goodbye for now and go play. This is going to be a treat for us.


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