Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 26, 2001 (local)

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Well we're underway and glad to be doing so. Today is Christmas back home and we miss our families. We are very fortunate, however, that we have a SAT phone aboard so we could wish our loved ones well.

We got underway at 11:00 am local time this morning. It's a great day to start this next leg. The seas are calm and the sun is out. Everyone who we needed for check out was on time and after a quick trip to the local market for last minute items, we were on our way. Dave did the shopping and showed up with some special items for our Christmas dinner, namely a large pizza and ice cream. This is not your typical Christmas dinner, but nevertheless a treat for us.

Our Nordhavn has been doing a great job with only a few minor problems:
1. The engine oil hose had a small leak so we replaced it
2. The reverse flush on the water maker needed to be fixed with a simple adjustment
3. We had to take apart a choker valve on the head and reinstall it
4. The coax cable developed a short and we are using a portable cable for now. A new one is on the way.

That's about it and I have to say that Dave fixed all these items with Tom and I simply passing tools or whatever small job the Captain needed us to perform.

While in Yap, we had read about this one waterfall in our guidebook. So we called a cab and after an hour, no cab. A gentleman who was listening in on our conversation offered to drive us. Lim, our volunteer driver, was great considering the road that we had to take - we all kept saying, "Thank God it's a rental." (The muffler made a great skid pan.) After an hour's drive we finally got to where the guidebook said we should be. We parked the car by the side of the road and took this little path for about 25 minutes. The waterfall was spectacular. We raced to the water (Tom won) and jumped in and swam underneath the main fall. It was great to cool off. We had a throw away underwater camera so we could take lots of photos.

That's about all for now except that all of us on the Nordhavn at sea would like to wish all of you "A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS". It's sure been one we won't soon forget.

The date is December 26th (25th back home). The time is 12:30pm local and 0030uct. Our position is N 07*02.466' / E 158*01.185'. Our speed is 6.9knts at 1600rpm. The course is 273 degrees M and our landfall (Yap) is 1190nm. The seas are calm and the air temp. is 87 degrees F. The wind is off our aft starboard quarter at 13knts. The barometer is 1010mb and steady. We have the fishing lines out.


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