Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 27, 2001 (local)

Present location:
N 07'16:289
E 155'21:698

We have diverted our course once more. Now we will go to Chuuk before we continue on to Yap. Chuuk was one of the stops in our original agenda and then was deleted as we spent so much time in Kosrae waiting out the storm. It's not so much of a diversion as it is a stop over since it's almost right on our path to Yap.

As fate would have it we have developed a slight leak in an oil hose coming from the filter and we'll stop in Chuuk for a few hours for repairs. We had a spare oil line on board but it is suspect as well so we are having a new one sent by Fed Ex from Alaska Diesel Electric. This should arrive this weekend and will give a day or so for a little looking around the islands.

Weather at this time is about 13 knots of wind from our stern - 4 to 5' seas at our stern and about 88 in the shade. A very nice way to wind up the year...I hope it lasts.

Talk to you from Chuuk.


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