Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 27, 2001 (local)

Hello to All,

It's been kind of an exciting couple of days. We are now two days out of Pohnpei. In yesterday's ATW update I mentioned one of the problems that we had was an oil line. It turns out that the new one that was put on has the same type of defect. Dave got an email out first thing this morning to get two new hoses. Our new destination is now Truk Atoll where the new hoses will be flown in on Saturday. Tomorrow night (Friday) we should be anchored off of Weno island which is part of the Chuuk Atoll. Delays like this would be the norm if one was on a regular cruise, but hard on the ATW schedule.

While Dave and Tom were changing the oil line, we had the chance to run the wing engine (emergency motor). It held a course with the auto pilot on and the boat was doing 31/2-4knts.

At this very moment we are passing Oroluk Atoll. It must be very low because we are only 7 miles off of the south end and we can't see it. From the information that we have on board it says that only a dozen people live there, but it does have a sizeable population of Hawksbill and Pacific green turtles! There are 19 islands in this atoll, but they all total out to less than a quarter of a mile. The lagoon is very large and it has a pass to get inside. If this were my boat, I'd be over there in a flash. If any of you cruisers happen out this way, definitely check Oroluk out. Remember, enter in the daylight only and if possible have the sun behind you.

The date is 12/27/2001 and the day is Thursday. The time is 12:21pm local time and 0021 uct. Our position is N 07*16.029' / E 155*26.949'. Our course is 267 degrees M and our landfall (Chuuk Atoll) is 207nm. Our speed is 7.1knts at 1600rpm. The Barometer is 1010mb and holding steady. The temp. is 88.0 degrees F and the wind is aft of our starboard quarter blowing 15knts.


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