Around The World Voyage : Commentary

December 30, 2001 (local)

Good Day to All,

Another day, another island. Today is Sunday (Saturday in the states) and we are at the Chuuk Atoll anchored at Weno Island. Tourist books describe Chuuk as "colorful, lively and rough around the edges. Houses are commonly painted in several bright contrasting colors. On hot days village women sit bare-breasted in streams doing laundry and their children run around naked".

From our last update you'll remember that the reason we are in the Chuuk group is that we need an oil hose line. We had a pin hole leak in the original and then another leak on the spare hose we put on. It looks like it may have been a faulty hose. New hoses are supposed to arrive by plane Monday or Tuesday. Other than that we are full of fuel and provisions, and the three of us are eager to be on our way.

We got here on Friday last and once again we made it to the commercial dock in the rain and almost dark. Just once would we like to arrive in the morning with the sun shining at our back…oh well, we have a few more stops and we may get lucky.

As I look out the Pilothouse, right in front of me is the Blue Lagoon Resort. This location is one of the nicest that we have seen so far. I'm just talking about the resort and the reason that I mentioned this is because we hear that the town is not so nice. The resort is on fourteen palm tree covered acres that front the Chuuk Lagoon, a world class underwater preserve. This lagoon measures almost 40 miles across at its widest point, and beneath the clear waters is a museum of World War II wreckage. More than 60 WWII Japanese warships, some with planes and trucks still latched to their decks, lie on the lagoon bottom. Just around the corner from where we are anchored is the front half of a B-29 bomber and half of which is exposed to the air. If you would like to contact the Blue Lagoon Resort for information, you can do so by email. I have to say that if you are a diver and would like to experience a different type of diving with a lot of history, this is the nicest spot I've seen.

We met a nice couple, Ron & Laurie Richardson from Brainerd, MN, at the outside bar last night and Dave picked them up today to have a toddy aboard "Nordhavn". They are staying at the resort and diving every day. Ron did say that if anyone would like to email, they would be more than glad to comment on the diving. You can email Ron & Laurie at

That's it for now…I'd like to say that we have some project to do, but in reality the resort bar is about ready to open. Wish all of you could be here, drinks would be on us and they have really ice cold beer from Australia.


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