Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

January 28, 2002

Departed Singapore this morning at 09:19 bound for Phuket, Thailand. We estimate a three-day passage to Phuket.

Aboard is Brian Saunders, Paul Grover, myself (Jim Leishman) and Kim Lee of Singapore.

Brian is a sales associate of PAE; Paul, a long time friend (boat owner) and recent delivery captain of Valhalla, Nordhavn 46#41, which, in Spring 2001, became the first Nordhavn 46 with twin engines to make the passage from Dana Point to Hawaii; and Kim, the senior editor for Raffles Marine Ltd, publishers of Nautique magazine, circulated in Singapore and much of South East Asia. Kim will be aboard until Phuket and will be writing a series of articles for Nautique about the ATW voyage.

Brian, Paul and I will be aboard until the Eastern Mediterranean where we hope to hand off "Nordhavn" to her new crew near Athens - about 7 weeks from now.

We cannot say enough about the wonderful treatment we received at the Raffles Marina. This is a first class marina facility with every convenience and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

It's great to be at sea again. Dave Harlow, Ray Danet and Brad Smith delivered a perfect, spotless vessel to us on Thursday January 24th and we all worked together Friday, Saturday and Sunday to fuel and reprovision NORDHAVN. It's now 17:00 and we will be passing through the Straits of Malacca tonight and tomorrow morning. The wind is blowing from the Northeast at about 10 knots and we have a clear and beautiful afternoon. The air temp is 87 degrees but the AC is keeping the staterooms cool and dry.

Our present position is 1.44 degrees north and 102.48 degrees east. We have a favorable current and are running at 1,722 rpm with sog of 8.9 knots (better than a knot of favorable current).


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