January 30, 2002

Position - 06.21 North - 099.40 East

We are presently on the Island of Langkawi - in a cove on the West side of the island called Kuala Melaka. We have made excellent time up the coast of Malaysia averaging over 8 knots and running at 1,700 rpm. We are bound for the island of Phuket - to an area called Boat Lagoon. Phuket is about 115 miles north west from here and we must enter Boat Lagoon at high tide - which will be about 14:00 hrs tomorrow. Our plan is to rest up here and depart about 20:00 to make an on time arrival in Boat Lagoon.

Weather had been excellent until about 04:00 this morning when the wind came up to 25 to 30 knots from the north-northeast and created a steep chop and uncomfortable conditions. We're happy to get a few hours rest here in Langkawi before pushing on.

Right now we're tied up in front of this beautiful resort which sits at the head of the cove. There are 27 bungalows on stilts and larger resort buildings inshore. It looks very inviting with wind surfers, jet skis and a white sand beach. Unfortunately, we can't get off the boat and will have to explore this area another day.

Air temp is 89 degrees and with wind is still blowing at 15 knots.


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