Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

January 31, 2002

After anchoring in Langkawi yesterday at 15:00 we had a nice dinner and planned to depart at 20:00 for Phuket. About the time we were to weigh anchor the wind came up - gusting to 30 so an easy decision was made to lay over until 05:00 this morning. We departed with gusty winds from the East but it settled in at about 18 knots off of our starboard quarter and we enjoyed a nice ride to the island of Phiphi, which is approximately 20 miles southeast of Phuket. To enter Boat Lagoon in Phuket we must arrive near high tide, which is around 14:00 and today we could not make it - thus the stop at Phiphi. We'll leave tomorrow around 10:00 and should arrive well before high water.

Our position here is N07.44 and E098.46 - anchored in a cove called Hin Dot. There are beautiful white sand beaches with a neat village. We may take a run into town prior to departure tomorrow before leaving for Phuket.

Good Night.


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