Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 2, 2002

Position: 07.57North - 098.23 East

We arrived at the entrance to Boat Lagoon at high tide yesterday after a nice 3 hour run up from Phi Phi Island. Boat Lagoon is a man-made harbor with a 2 mile dredged channel marked by a series of concrete pilings that, upon entry, must be kept to port by about 40 feet. No detail of the entrance or harbor are on our electronic or paper charts however we do have copies of instructions and a sketch type chart given to us by Captain Piruz of the Raffles Marina in Singapore.

The harbor can only be entered at high tide. Upon arriving at the end of the dredged channel a hard right turn is made and you pass through a mangrove swamp. Then, around a bend, the Boat Lagoon complex comes into view.

Within the marina are numerous restaurants, hotels, a first class repair facility and a variety of shops and services. There are three other NORDHAVNs here - including two 46s and David Loh's 62 (the vessel we'll be traveling with to the Maldives). I'd estimate there are another two or three hundred boats here including several that are in excess of 100 feet.

Our journalist, Kim Lee, had to catch a flight out last night so we spent the next three hours dealing with Immigration to get her the clearance she needed to make her flight back to Singapore. We're grateful to the folks at the Raffles Marina for their interest in our voyage and for assigning Kim to cover our trip. Kim will be doing a series of articles which will appear in their NATIQUE magazine.

Today we plan to do some clean-up - change the oil on the generator, refuel the boat and do a little re-provisioning in town.

I have not calculated the fuel consumption from Singapore but will do so for the next leg to the Maldives. Because of the relatively short distance (less than 600 miles) we did not top off the tanks in Singapore.


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