Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 3, 2002

It's Sunday afternoon in Boat Lagoon and tomorrow we'll top off our tanks and begin the 1,500 voyage to the Maldive Islands. We've laid out our course - entered our waypoints and agreed on radio frequency and separation distances with FEELING, Nordhavn 62#2 owned by David Loh. We'll be leaving on tomorrow's high tide at about 14:00.

I've had a particularly enjoyable day as I've hired two boat washers and they're the best boat washers I've ever seen - and I know about washing boats. Thirty years ago I was a professional. For 800 Bhatts (Thiland currency) each (about $18.00) these two young guys have scoured every inch of gelcoat, detailed all the stainless, cleaned the windows, everything - working nonstop from 8:00 am to 5:00pm. We'll be leaving port in boat show condition.

This morning I inquired about the quality of the dockside water and was advised that it was not good drinking water but that I could order up reverse osmosis drinking water which would be delivered in sealed 20 liter bottles. A couple hours later a small truck showed up and two guys hand carried 150 gallons of water down to the boat and filled our tanks to the brim. They worked for two hours in the hot sun and charged $8.00 for the service! I can see why so many people settle into Phuket and stay. It's a really nice place and an incredible value.


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