Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 4, 2002

Position: 07.46' North -- 098.26 East
Course: 200 M
Speed 7.0 knots 1,600 rpm

At 14:30 we departed Boat Lagoon on the high tide.

We fueled the boat this morning and are totally topped of with 920 gallons. At present we're burning 2.6 gallons per hour and we have the generator running which is burning slightly less than .3 gallons per hour. I tested this yesterday using the supply reservoir and running the generator only - I was able to accurately gauge the consumption at .27 gph. The total consumption is about 2.9 gph which at this speed should give us a range of 2,220 miles. The run to the Maldive Islands is 1,520 nm so we should be in good shape with an adequate reserve.

About a mile off of our stern is David Loh's Nordhavn 62, "FEELING", and they will run with us all the way to the Maldive Islands.

The weather is very nice now with an outside air temperature of 89 degrees. The AC is on in the staterooms however with the wheelhouse and saloon doors open we have a nice gentle breeze flowing through the boat.

Our brief stay in Thailand has been enjoyable and the Boat Lagoon facility and staff were very nice. We found the prices in Phuket to be exceptionally low for food, taxies and provisions. This would be a great place to spend some time and cruise the many islands of Thailand.


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