Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 5, 2002

Position: 06.50' North - 096.04' East
Course: 253 degrees Magnetic
Speed: 7.4 knots

We're enjoying beautiful conditions on the Andaman Sea laying a course for the Great Channel which will take us to the South of the Nicobar Islands and north of Sumatra into the Indian Ocean. We're hoping for these ideal conditions for much of the Indian Ocean Crossing with steady 12 to 15 knot northeasterly winds and mild seas. The air temperature is 91 degrees with scattered cumulous clouds and pretty blue sky.

In the past 24 hours we have made 165 miles and are seeing a slight increase in favorable current today and for the past four hours we have been averaging 7.4 knots - running at 1,568 rpm. FEELING is just ahead and running at only 1,300 rpm to match our speed. I have told them to go on their own if they wish but they seem intent on staying with us. Paul, Brian and I have a wager going about our arrival time in Malle and the bets range from 07:00 Wednesday the 13th to 12:00 the same day - only a five-hour spread). I think we're going to be earlier based upon our good speed.

It's a lazy day aboard the ship with a lot of quiet reading going on. I resumed reading David McCulloughs "John Adams". I finished to chapter where Adams describes a winter time passage from Massachusetts to France aboard a 115 foot Frigate with 172 aboard. The ship encountered rough conditions and took storm damage. From my air-conditioned stateroom I read of the miserable six-week passage and marveled at how comfortable we are aboard our modern little ship.

We've got a pretty good crew aboard NORDHAVN and most people know Brian and me, but Paul Grover needs an introduction. Paul, a long-time friend and Dana Point slip tenant, keeps his Catalina 42 a few slips away from Jack Chrysler's Valhalla (N46). Paul just retired from Continental Airlines and last spring skippered Jacks boat to Hawaii. This was a noteworthy passage as Valhalla is a twin engine Nordhavn and the first twin to take on such a long passage. Paul delivered the boat in a fast 13 days without incident. It's been interesting spending the past two weeks with Paul as I've extracted two amazing bits of information out of the modest man. First he tells an amazing story of ejecting from his A4 fighter jet after a combat collision and spending 5 hours in the water off the coast of Vietnam and second he wears a Rose Bowl ring as he was the starting quarterback for the University of Oregon in the 1957 Rose Bowl. I know there's lots more and I've got time to learn more about Paul in the weeks to come.

So that's it aboard NORDHAVN, All is well.


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