Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 6, 2002

Time: 16:45 Local
Position: 05.56'N - 093.08'E
Course: 266 degrees
Magnetic Speed: 7.2 knots

It's approaching 90 degrees outside but the air is fairly dry and the breeze is up to about 20 knots from the Northeast. We've got a four to five foot quartering sea. We're moving along at 7 knots and have covered 170 nautical miles over the past 24 hours.

It should take about two more days before I can begin to read the bubbles at the top of the sight gauges and then I'll supply exact fuel burn information - mileage and fuel remaining. With a 1,500-mile passage like this, fuel consumption is not a great concern but we'll have to be more careful on the next run from the Maldives to Djibouti.

Yesterday was a very pleasant one and to top off the afternoon Paul caught an approximately 10-lb. Wahoo which Brian sautéed in garlic butter and served with fresh broccoli, yellow potatoes and a garden salad. It was a very nice evening and we all slept well. Despite the increase in wind and sea , we're running down swell and the boat is very comfortable so we expect another restful night.

"Feeling" continues to maintain her one mile separation and we leisurely talk throughout the day. We've now cleared the Great Channel (between the Nicobar Islands and Sumatra) and have entered the Great Indian Ocean. There has been a lot of very large ship traffic (mostly tankers) presumably coming in from the Middle East and having to negotiate this northern entrance to the Straits of Mallaca.

I spoke with the office today and got a favorable weather report forecasted for the next 6 days. Jeff Leishman has taken on the role that I played for the Pacific leg - each day checking multiple weather forecasts and emailing the information to the boat. If the forecasts are anything but favorable we will call our friend Walt Hack for a professional opinion.

So that's it for now. It's another pleasant and lazy day aboard "Nordhavn" on the Indian Ocean. Next stop: the exotic Maldive Islands.


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