Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 8, 2002

Local Time: 14:30
Position: 05.25' North - 087.26' East
Speed: 8.0 knots
Course: 267 degrees magnetic

Long range yachting has been described as days and weeks of calm - sometimes boring routine - with short periods of virtual terror when things go poorly. Today we experienced the first real threat to the continuation and success of the ATW. Nothing in the past 10,000 miles can compare to the severity of this problem. I first noticed it this morning and through out the day continued to inspect and evaluate. Finally at 14:00 hours I realized that the icemaker within our Sub Zero box was failing. I was hesitant to mention the problem but as I discreetly worked to a solution - my crew began to realize the enormity of the crises. It's times like this that try our experience and resolve - I dug deep and prevailed in the end. We defrosted the Icemaker and returned it to its former glory.

We've evaluated our fuel situation today and have concluded the following:

In the past 96 hours we have burned 290 gallons of our fuel and traveled 679 miles. We have burned 3.02 gph and 2.34 miles per gallon. This includes constant generator run time as the AC system has been essential in the 87 to 91 degree tropical heat. Our average speed has worked out to be 7 knots however we are now enjoying a west setting current of approximately one knot - bringing our 24 hour runs up to 186 miles. We believe that this condition will continue for the next four days to the Maldives and estimate that we have enough fuel left to run 1,427 miles and with only 847 left to go (at local noon time) we have a comfortable reserve of almost 600 miles - far greater if we shut of the KW and lowered our rpm.

So on we go. It's only four days to the magnificent Maldive Islands described as unspoiled, palm-fringed tropical islands with squeaky-white beaches and brilliant turquoise lagoons which all sound great until you read on in the book and find out that they don't sell beer and that it's illegal outside the resorts.

I have high hopes for the Maldives. It looks like a great place and I hope to take some colorful photos of "Nordhavn" and our big sister "Feeling" in the islands. If we find no beer it may weigh heavily on our decision to stop in Salala, Oman - a slight variation of Pete Eunson's (N40 Project Manager) phrase of years ago "we'll be praying to Allah that they still sell beer in Salala."


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