Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 9, 2002

Local Time: 14:35
Position: 05.06 North - 083.58 East
Speed: 8.6 knots
Course: 268 degrees magnetic

As of noon local time
Fuel aboard: 530 gallons
Fuel burned over past 24 hours: 80 gallons (including 24 hrs of KW time)
Distance remaining to Male: 640 miles
Remaining range at present rate: 1,325 miles

We've changed the watch schedule slightly and as the most valuable man aboard - our cook - has suggested that after dinner preparation he's tired. An immediate review of the watch schedule, and the fact that I'm not tired at all, reveals an equitable solution. I'll stay up a couple more hours until midnight and then Brian can take my spot which poses no interference with Paul's schedule at all. Personnel problem solved and as a side line benefit, I'm awake and on watch at the exact moment my wife's alarm clock goes off and she begins the task of waking our sons for school - a good time to give her a call.

Today's report:

The past 24 hours have been the best so far and possibly the fastest 24-hour run that this boat has ever had. Paul and I watched as the minutes clocked down and we agreed that we had just seen a 200-mile day - running at 1,610 rpm. Actually it was 199.6 but we felt it proper to round off the decimal. We predict the favorable conditions will continue and now anticipate an arrival in Male (Maldives) at about 14:00 on Tuesday the 12th (less than 72 hours from now).

The weather is beautiful with 87 degrees of air temp and a sky bluer than we've seen in the past. There are some cumulous clouds about and we're painting a little moisture on the radar. We've not gotten any salt water on deck in the past 5 days of running but a little fresh water bath would not be too bad. Maybe we'll get some rain tonight but I hope it holds off until after dinner as I'm barbecuing steaks on the aft deck.

All is very well aboard NORDHAVN - riding comfortable south of Shri Lanka - on the Indian Ocean. We'll sign off for now.


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