Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 13, 2002

Time: Feb 13, 2002 - 11:30 local
Position: Anchored -- 04.10' North -- 073.29' East

Just a short update:

We arrived last night at about 21:00 at Male the main island of the Maldives Chain. It was a reasonably easy entry and we anchored in a designated area off the Northwest side of the island.

The Coast Guard came aboard shortly after arrival and were clean, courteous and would not board the boat without removing their shoes. The were quick and efficient - primarily interested in any weapons we might have aboard. The anchorage is totally exposed and we spent the night bucking and bouncing. I thought I'd have a full night's sleep but I slept - or napped - on the wheelhouse settee watching the radar to be sure we nor anyone else did not drag.

The anchorage is about 130 feet and I had 300 feet of chain out. The trusty Bruce held all night in the 20 knot winds and two foot chop. I was awoken in the predawn to the sound of Islamic singing (I assume prayer) - audible from town (300 yards to starboard) even in the strong breeze.

This morning we were met by our Agent - Mohamed (Nash) from Island Sailors Agency. With him were the customs. immigration and the Port Authority - all of whom were as efficient and helpful as the Coast Guard. Within 30 minutes we were cleared in to the Maldives.

Brian and Paul went into town this morning and stocked up on some groceries and had a quick look around town. Because of the rough anchorage - I chose to stay with the boat and catch up on a few chores.

We'll be off in an hour or so for the 5-mile run up to the Bandos Island Resort where "Feeling" will be staying for the next two months. David Loh and his family will spend time aboard their Nordhavn 62 and return to Singapore with the Southwest Monsoon.

I'll give a complete update on the 1,529 mile passage from Phuket and provide more information on Bandos and the Maldives Islands.


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