Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 20, 2002

Position 10.23' North - 064.21' East
Course 308
Speed 6.5

We're nearing the end of our fourth day at sea since leaving the Maldive Islands and we're almost half way to Salala, Oman. If we do decide to stop in Salala we expect to arrive on Monday. We've been getting increasingly more information on the SSB each morning and evening and we understand that a convoy of six or seven sailboats has just left Salala and will stop at the seaport of Massawa in the country of Eritrea which is located on the west shore of the Red Sea - about one third the way up.

We have been running at just under 1,600 rpm but have lost the favorable current we previously enjoyed and are now actually fighting a to 2/3 knot current on our nose. We have not shut down the generator as the daytime heat is still in the high 80s but now at almost 10 degrees north latitude and we do perceive some cooling. We're hoping that once we enter the Red Sea the temperatures will cool sufficiently to shut the AC down and probably when we enter the Mediterranean, the diesel heater will be put into operation. We comment every day how wonderful it is to have the AC system in the sleeping cabins as it has worked to perfection. Thanks to Brad Smith for doing such a nice installation - under such tough conditions.

I spoke with Jeff Leishman today - he called at the end of my watch - about 05:30 and just wanted to check it. He's up next to take the boat in the Med and he's now getting organized and is focusing on the needs of the boat. He questioned me about the condition of the various systems - what parts he should bring and we discussed the few minor issues.

To recap that conversation:

The biggest problem we have now is that our secondary lap top computer will not boot up and it's our own fault as we decided it would be wise to defrag the C drive and in the process a wrong button was pushed - some how deleting a driver that's needed. This concerns me as the computer has a read/write cd drive and I have been downloading all our digital pictures on it. We burn the pictures on CD and send it back to the office for publication on the web site. I have to figure this out and have all the recovery disks. The screen suggests that at the first window - hit R, which will allow the system to repair off of the recovery disks. I've been unsuccessful so far and am looking for suggestions.

Our watermaker needs to be serviced as the output production is at 9 gph and it should be in the 16 gph range. It's been working perfectly and now I guess it needs to have the membrane cleansed. I have a detailed description of the symptoms into Spectra and as soon as they verify the procedure, I'll circulate the chemicals they have provided that should bring the machine back up to the original spec.

The Naiads continue to work perfectly however we're getting a slight amount of slop where the hydraulic ram end - or eye - attaches to the wrist pin in the yoke of the stabilizer shaft. We have a replacement eye and pin however, I think I'll ask Jeff to bring two new eyes and two new pins. It's about a 10-minute job per side to replace these parts.

Honestly, the above is all that's wrong!

Our main engine and generator seem to be competing with one another as each wants to be best and both have been perfect - without and noticeable oil consumption, oil, fuel or coolant leaks. Nothing but satisfaction in the engine room.

The Raymarine electronics have performed flawlessly with the only glitch a fowled paddle wheel for our through the water speed. I don't care about the paddle wheel speed but the problem does not allow the true wind speed and direction feature to work. Normally this is a simple task to pull the through hull out and clean it. However our field installation of the AC ducting makes the task more difficult. In the next day or so I'll pull the ducting and clean the sensor.


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