Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 22, 2002

Well Thailand...Beautiful to arrive from Lankawi, Malaysia Passing Ko Rok Nok, (the half way point) two islands where we found about 20 large colorful fishing boats anchored in the lee, snoozing through the heat of the day. We spent the night anchored at Phi Phi with its high straight limestone walls and anchored with a 300' new wind-jammer, looking very elegant and expensive. The next morning we weighed anchor for Ko Phuket (Ko means island) and the Boat Lagoon. A most unusual entrance, following serpentine pylons on one side with depths approx 8 ft. at high water. We found an entrance into the mangroves with a course reminiscent of the African Queen, only to find a sort of barge/dredge on rounding the corner forcing us close to shore. With the binoculars, we all swore Bogart was leaning against an upright having a smoke. Well a few more corners in the mangroves and we find Boat Lagoon; hotel, restaurants, shipyard, large fancy boats, lots of cruisers, and lo and behold 3 Nordhavns - two 46s and one 62. Plus some welcome waves and smiles from old friends. Jim and Cheryl, friends from Colorado, with a 43' sail boat, left the West Coast 20 years ago. They have been based in Phuket and Lankawi for 15 years. They do 6 months and 6 months, Jim is a contractor in Breckenridge, and it's easier to build in the summer months. Their boat is dry stored for that time. Lots of gossip and lots of Asian food, catching up with the old "cruizin' crowd"... I think they have their life in perfect balance.

The next thing we did was to meet up with the crew and owner of Feeling (N62) again, after all those wonderful meals in Singapore. The plan was to leave Phuket together and make the passage to Male in the Maldives. This did not leave much time for sight seeing, so it was clean a little, provision a lot, and fuel up. Many miles and lots of meals to prepare.


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