Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 23, 2002

Position: n/a

Course: n/a

Speed: 6.4 knots

Well, 250 miles from Salala, Oman doing 6.4 knots that means about 40 hrs to get there, and guess what? Were down to 3 beers on board. Will we make it? As I understand it Salala is not known for its Octoberfest and beer gardens. What if, I hate to finish the sentence, what if there ain't any. Pray tell!!! Only civilized thing to do is catch the first jet to Munich.

Who is to blame for putting the crew at such risk as this? Travel guides didn't tell us that you can't buy beer in the Maldives, our only stop between Thailand and Oman. So it falls on the Skipper who leads us out into this vast wasteland "under-beered". If Oman is dry, Skipper Jim will need all the skills displayed by Capt. Bligh, when his crew from the "Bounty" sent him adrift in his long boat. We all like Jim but it's the only proper thing to do under maritime law for the severity of the crime.

Were all hoping that Feb 25th (Jim most of all) is October fest day in Salala, Oman.

…To be continued.

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