Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 24, 2002

We have had some most unusual visitors in the Indian Ocean after midnight. A few nights ago at 0200 I heard some splish-splash as I was walking on the Portuguese bridge admiring the brilliant stars. The noise kept up, so I looked down to find all kinds of little fish jumping. I went to the search light and illuminated an area on the port side near the boat. Well the activity increased many times. Now I could see that it was a school of flying fish and were they excited. They were jumping and flying to my eye level (about 10ft). It was a ballet and just carried on. These were small flying fish, maybe 5 or 6 inches. This is what cruising is all about. Literally, they came from out of the blue, and it was our entertainment.

We are just now starting to see some bird life also. To date, the Indian Ocean has been very much short on birds compared with the Pacific.

After the fish incident, we had one more mystery to solve. Who threw mud at us last night? The starboard side - all the windows and the side walkway was well doused with something brown, sort of muddy-looking. Upon looking up, I saw two large marks on the paravane outrigger poles. I've surmised that it must have been a squid that catapulted himself up at least 9 ft. to get bonked by our pole. Then I assume he landed on the side deck releasing his cargo of ink. Isn't that what they charge big bucks for, over a pasta in a good Italian restaurant? We didn't get the benefit. We did get to clean it up.

Well so goes another day in the beautiful, benign, Indian Ocean...Dinty Moore stew anyone?


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