Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

February 26, 2002

We have arrived in Oman…and it's amazing! I don't think any of us could have imagined it to be this way. The harbor is clean, large, efficient and friendly. Everyone here is open, friendly and helpful. They stop to offer a ride, sometimes even going out of their way to take you or offer advice. We went on a search for beer and even though the first place we walked into told us getting beer was "not possible," we were able to find a store that sold us 10 cases.

The marina is surprisingly bustling. Thirty boats have left, and there are still twenty in the harbor with us. Ninety-nine percent of the cruisers here are well-maintained boats. There is a nice Deerfoot or Sundeer. There are two super yachts here - one a new Italian 120-ft. mega yacht, the other, a 120-footer made of wood from India complete with carvings and shapes reminiscent of 1001 nights. Funnily, the two boats on the forward deck of this boat are 30-ft. and a 50-ft. center console sportfishers.

Most of the yachts here are leaving to make the passage of the Red Sea in groups of six. But upon getting all the local knowledge we can find, there have been virtually no reports of boardings or piracy. This makes us all the happier and definitely more comfortable. Still, while we wait for the arrival of Peter Swanson from PassageMaker magazine, we hope to find another boat doing the same speed to convoy with.

The weather has been near perfect; 76-82 F, nice breeze clear air, walking even at noon is nice. I have walked past some beaches that would be easy entrants in a travel magazine. Clear water, good snorkeling, good anchoring, and nobody there. It is so nice to be so pleasantly amazed when you come to such an out of the way place.

Fueling up at the seawall was easy to organize. They charge $1.57/gallon USD. We've got fuel, we've got beer. We are ready for the next leg.


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