Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

March 8, 2002

Position: 11.36' North - 43.04' East

It's Thursday afternoon and we arrived in Djibouti last night (about 5:00 pm). This place is a far cry from the clean, friendly atmosphere we found in Salalah. Poverty appears to be rampant and there's not much in the way of modern ammenities. We had initially intended to bypass Djibouti and head straight to Suez but we are here to await a gyro that P.A.E. headquarters back in Dana Point fed exed last week. A trip to shore and the Fed Ex building revealed that the part is not to be found anywhere in the office - records indicate it is being held up in customs. I am frustrated and feel like we have wasted precious time here. I'm not worried about the boat's ability to perform without the gyro and am anxious to push off. After conferring with Jeff Leishman, he agrees and is going to try and have the package rerouted to Athens.

Friday is a holiday here so we can't leave until Saturday. We'll check for the part one last time for we head tfor Suez. We've got one more stop on the other side of the Suez Canal at the port of Sa'id before we switch crews in Athens and Leg 3 commences. I've asked Jeff, who will take over as captain, to bring a few parts with him to Greece. These are very minor items. Essentially, everything is 100 percent.


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