Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

March 23, 2002

Dear Jeff,

We're safe here at Ormos Chelantros on the island of N. Kasos. I contacted Walt Hack and his weather report is as follows:

"Assuming you are near Karpathos (Island east of Crete) bound for Athens, the latest surface analysis indicates a 991mb low near 42N 30W with a trough trailing SW'ward to a second low near 36N 21E. A deepening upper level trough and developing upper level semi/stat (cut off) low over the Black Sea area will result in this broad low/trough pattern extending SW from the Black Sea area across Turkey and Crete the next 3-4 days. Cold, blocking high pressure over northern Europe extending south across the western Med Sea will help produce fresh to occ strong NNW-NNE wind and building moderate to rough across Aegean Sea and northward of Crete toward Athens Sun/24-Wed/27.

As of now, conditions do no appear favorable for a safe transit between the Karpathos area north/west toward Athens through Tue/26th, at least. Proceeding from the Karpathos area north/west to north of Crete prior to Tue/26th could result in experiencing NNW-NNE winds at least 22-33kt with intervals of 35-40kts and building N'ly sea/swells of 5-10ft (highest exposed waters) at least from north of Crete toward Athens."

We got pretty roughed up over the past 48 hrs so we want to sit tight for a few hours here. I'm going to ask Walt to give us a new forecast as soon as it becomes available. We're hearing of gale warnings on the VHF but can't get the information we need (language).

Things that you can do in preperation:

We will need engine oil. I have enough to add oil but not enought for a change. I suggest you get 20 gallons of suitable oil.

We need a source for lanudry. A laundromat with big commercial machines to do all the linens, blankets and sleeping bags. If you can locate one in advance - we can assign a man to do this job.

The marina must have a dock and water. I've tried to keep up with the boat but since entering the Red Sea, it's been tough. We had red dust stuck to the top of the mast due to sand storms. In one day we can make everything perfect.

You'll need fuel - I estimate about 500 gallons.

We'll need beer for our arrival party!


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