Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 2

March 24, 2002

Sunday – 3:00 pm

Dear Jeff:

Last time I emailed you we were in Ormos Chelantros – a beautiful cove on the Island of North Kasos.

About 11:30 this morning, after a pleasant morning (we arrived about 6:00 am), the wind began coming into the cove which faces the south and within 30 minutes it was gusting to 40 knots and five foot swells were breaking into the cove. We threw our lunch in the sink and scrambled to break out of the cove, pulling the anchor and navigating our way past three unmarked rocks and into the open ocean.

By then the wind, which was actually from the West, was blowing 45 knots and wrapping its way around into the Ormos Chelatros. We decided to run east and circle the island to look for refuge on the northern side. Jeff, we had gusts from the west of 60 knots with steady winds of 50 (force 8 or 9 conditions). It was awesome. The boat tracked perfectly and we got some amazing video and digital photos. We were able to find a good cove called Ak-Aktis (not marked as an anchorage on the charts) at the southeast side of the island. We’re tucked in now in a spectacular anchorage. But brother, I've got to tell you, it was a wild ride. I never had to steer the boat – autopilot worked perfectly and the boat seemed oblivious to the 12 to 15 foot seas astern. Thank goodness for bleach and the washer/dryer.

Our position is now: 35.25' North -- 026.59' East. We’ll stay here and hope for a good forecast this evening or in the morning. It’s so frustrating...we ’re only 24 hours away– but this weather is serious stuff. We’ll play it safe after all these miles.


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