Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

April 3, 2002

It's our first night out of Greece and after an exciting transit through the Corinth Canal we are making our way out to the mouth of the Ionian Sea for the crossing to Italy and the Messina Straights.

The boat is running great, the crew is settling in and we are all feeling good about getting underway.I have initiated a watch schedule that makes watch standing during the wee hours of the morning go pretty easy. With four of us aboard there will be plenty of free time. We are running four hours on starting at 0600 up until 2200 when we start with two hours on until 0600. I have the 0200-0400 late watch.

The Corinth Canal was an amazing sight it actually was started way back in 61 A.D. by some emperor trying to dig it with picks and shovels using 1000 Jewish slaves. They never quite got there but in 1893 the French were able to finish it. We took some great photos that will be posted asap. That's it for now.


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