Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

April 4, 2002

We are about in the middle of the Ionian Sea approximately 138 miles from Sicily. The going has been a bit rough since entering the Ionian. All day yesterday we watched the barometer fall from 1015 all the way down to 1003 now. The wind kept building and building from our port quarter until we had full gale conditions. We set the paravanes to help with the motion and the boat rode it out perfectly.

After a dinner of franks and beans which was not a big hit, it was still blowing 30+ with gusts to 40 but I was off watch and the ship was sound so I have been sleeping for the past 6 hours. I awoke to a completely different sea. It's now blowing from our starboard quarter but only at about 15 knots.

My brother, Jim Leishman, had sent a weather update earlier in the day, which jives exactly with what we are seeing. It's really nice to know that you can count on someone giving you good consistent information when you out here. Thanks Jim.

All else aboard ship is routine.


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