Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

April 17, 2002

We're pushing along and plan to arrive at Gran Canaria on Saturday late afternoon. We're having a great time despite the bad weather that we have had. Yesterday was actually a perfect day. We even had Bloody Mary's to celebrate this first really nice day we have had. Today is cloudy and windy again, but the wind is not in our face so that makes it much more bearable. We all are looking foward to it warming up a bit, which has not happened yet. Last night I was about 30 miles of the coast of Casablanca. Pretty cool.

There has been lots of shipping traffic and lots of small fishing boats that are unlit. You see them on the radar and as you get closer they start directing you away from the nets with a flash light. I'm not sure how the 800-foot container ships are handling these guys - or rather, how they are handling the container ships!

We'll be glad to get into Grand Canaria. There is supposedly good surf right next to the harbor we'll be at and Justin is hoping he'll be able to find a mid-size surfboard to check out the waves with.


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