Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

April 18, 2002

We are presently about 24 hours from our arrival in Gran Canaria. Our passage has gone quite smoothly with a consistent 20-25 knot north wind and quartering seas of about 6-8 ft. spread far apart, and with the exception of the occasional odd wave, we manage to remain fairly level.

There has been a large number of ships and fishing vessels in the area which keeps everyone on their toes during those late night watches. We are all into our daily routines which essentially includes sleeping, reading, cooking and eating, and ofcourse watch standing. The food has been getting better and better as Pete gets more and more creative in his culinary delights. He is down in the galley now preparing a pork roast and a bunch of other stuff that he refuses to accept any help with. It sure smells good. Justin is getting a bit impatient with the fishing. He has yet to land the prized dorado or tuna that he has promised. But it will come. The water is getting warmer and he is getting his lines out earlier...he's very focused.

Some of you may ask what the heck I have been doing. Well I make sure the fridge is stocked daily with new beer. This is a job that Dave Harlow (Leg One Captain) taught me well and warned that it was not to be taken lightly. The last thing you want to discover as the sun sets over the yard arm, is that you don't have any cold beer!


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