Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

April 19, 2002

1900 local time
Arrived in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

As with our previous experiences in Spain, Las Palmas has proven so far to be very hospitable and friendly. Pedro at the Texaco fuel dock was more than accommodating and arranged our moorage within a matter of minutes. He and Pete had an instant bond and before I knew it, he had Pete in his private office showing him all of his prized collection of other visiting yachts and invited us to join in the annual regatta of the local tradition sailing boats. The boats have a crew of 11 and are basically an open boat with a lateen rig. From what we gathered from Pedro it's simply a reason to party. The harbor police were also very friendly and upon noticing Justin purchasing a bottle of rum, promptly directed him to a better bottle of their preference. They then escorted us to our slip. We are stern to a pontoon type dock with a mooring to tie the bow to. This style mooring has been the same everywhere we have been in the Med. and here. It is really easy and convenient.

We plan to stay here a couple days and reprovision, change engine oil, fuel up and hopefully Justin and I will luck into some decent surf.


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