Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

April 23, 2002

Day two out of Las Palmas, we're headed at 215 deg. toward the Cape Verde Islands. We were not overly enthusiastic about leaving the Canary Islands. The people we met in the short time we spent there are people we will never forget. One in particular is, Pedro at the Texaco fuel dock. His friends call him Don Pedro and he is the guy that can get anything one needs. We secured our moorage through him, we sent our mail through him, he arranged our rental car, told us of the best restaurants. You name it and Don Pedro will help you get it done. He also recommended some outstanding rum, and we are now well stocked in that area.

Another memorable experience that we California boys enjoyed was a trip to the beach. I'll tell you the beaches in Oceanside don't offer that kind of view. If they did my kids wouldn't be allowed to start surfing until they were 18. From what some of the people we talked to said, the other islands of the Canaries are equally as nice and offer the same easy going attitude as Gran Canaria. It made us wish for more time to explore but we have to keep the puck moving forward, so on we go.


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