Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

April 25, 2002

Today we are approximately 190 miles west of the African nation of Mauritania. We have very pleasant weather and the forecast is for more of the same. The skies are overcast most of the day with temperatures around 75 deg. and dropping to about 68 deg. at night. There have been rain squalls at night and the rain is a dirty brown that covers the boat. The air is thick with Saharan dust which is blown out to sea. We have tried to keep the boat clean on the outside but it is impossible, 3 hours after you rinse it, it is dirty again. Some of the dirt gets inside the boat as well. today we had a constant stream of small birds flying into the boat. I don't know if they are looking for shelter or what but they are not afraid of humans and we simply pick them up and throw them out the window.

Still no fish, except that damn Sun fish. I'm beginning to doubt our expertise, but Justin assures me all is well and that we just need to get closer to the islands and we'll be eating fresh fish...we'll see. So tonight it's frozen pizza for dinner. Wait, we're hooked up!! Yeah, it's a Blue fin tuna, small but what the heck. Ok, we're in!!


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