Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

May 3, 2002

Today we are entering our fourth day at sea after departing Cape Verde. If this is a spot that is on anyone's "must see list" we can tell you that your time would be better spent in Reseda. We are running comfortably at 1400 RPM, making close to six knots. The outside temperature is 80 degrees with a NE breeze of about 13 knots. We are all settled into our daily routines and one day runs into the next. There is not alot to report on as each day is pretty much the same as the next. Today's highlight was checking of the lube and gear oil on the main. The crew got restless the day before our arrival in Cape Verde and all heads were buzzed ( no guard ). We fully expect the next crew to follow our lead..."Nordhavn" continues to cruise across the Atlantic with no problems or worries. That's about all there is from this end.


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