Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

May 6, 2002

14:00 Local Time
Course 285 Deg.
Average Speed - 6.1 Knots
RPM - 1400
Fuel consumed last 24 hours - 48 Gallons
Fuel Remaining - 563 Gallons
Range at present speed/rpm - 1717 miles
Distance Remaining to Barbados - 1139 miles

We are less than 80 miles to the halfway point crossing the Atlantic ocean. I mentioned to Captain Leishman that we should stop the boat to go for a swim but then I realized it would be around 3 in the morning...The wind has died down to around 8 knots and the temperature has risen to 85 degrees. The temperature at night rarely drops below 75. This morning on my 6:00 am watch I decided to throw the line out again as I do every morning. We hadn't hooked up on any fish in over 15 days and I was beginning to lose confidence. Within 2 minutes the reel took off "zzzzzzzzzz"! I was so excited I bashed my head on the door frame trying to leap into the cockpit to grab the rod. Pete was up already and stopped the boat immediately. At first I thought it was a Wahoo because I saw something tail walk across the water about 200 yards out. After a 10 to 15 minute battle with the fish we had a nice 20 lb Dorado on board. Looks like well have some nice Mahi Mahi for dinner.


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