Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

May 10, 2002

Just another perfect day on the water. The weather is beautiful, 82 deg. with tail winds of Today finds us with 550 miles to go to Barbados. We are currently running at 1500 RPM., making about 6.4 knots. We ran a series of fuel burn tests this morning using the "Jimmy Box", we will increase our RPM again when we are 24 hours out of Bridgetown. If all goes well we may be able to arrive before dark on Monday. We have the paravanes set since our last cooling for the Naiads went "south" on us this morning. The weather continues to be pleasant at 84 degrees with an easterly breeze of 15 knots. Justin has been unsuccessful in the fishing department so it's spaghetti for dinner tonight. We are all excited about our arrival in Barbados and are looking forward to being reunited with family and friends.


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