Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

May 11, 2002


We are approximately 250 miles from Bridgetown Barbados. At our current speed we now except to arrive at day break on Tuesday the 14th. It was our hope to get in Monday night but after recalculating our fuel/speed we decided it would be wiser to slow down and get in in daylight than it would be to speed up and arrive at midnight. We are now running at 1400rpm and with our remaining fuel 200 gallons we have a range of 605 miles. Slowing down also allows us to run the genset as much as we like. As we get further west the humidity has increased and the air conditioning is a welcome relief. We also have a few loads of laundry that we can now do. With only two nights remaining, we're getting concerned that our wish for one more fresh fish dinner is vanishing and we are making plans for some of the last remaining frozen dishes that we have.

We are still running with the paravanes out since we lost our Naiad cooling pump 2 days ago. About an hour ago upon my hourly engineroom inspection I noticed we had lost the belt that runs the small alternator that charges our engine start battery. We have plenty of spare belts onboard so we simply shut down, started the get home engine and changed the belt. That's a really nice feature that allows you to keep going safely in the right direction and enables you to service your main engine. And to top it, off we were stabilized during the whole process. The weather continues to cooperate although, as I mentioned, the humidity is getting up there. That's it for now we'll report in when we get there.


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