Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 3

May 12, 2002

19:00 UTC

Well, we're finally on our last full day at sea and wouldn't you know it we have about a 1/2 knot of current against us! This will delay our arrival by a few hours. Oh well it will just get us in closer to happy hour (see there actually is a silver lining in every cloud). We received a phone call at about 9:00 pm last night from the crew of leg four. They had just arrived in Barbados that afternoon. They have arranged our slip at Port St. Charles Marina and have done all the leg work for us to have a speedy clearance.

We spent most of the day cleaning and reorganizing the boat. After 6 weeks it's amazing how things get mixed up. About 1/2 of my CDs were in Jim's CD case and Justin had some of Jim's in his. So we did little detail things like that. Just really trying to stay busy. This last 24 hours is going so slow! The boat is ship shape and the crew is ready for the hand-off tomorrow. This will be our last position report for leg 3. Your next report will be from the crew of leg 4 and I think they will have some real interesting commentary so keep tuned. Thanks for cruising with us, this is Jeff, Justin and Pete - the crew of the good ship Nordhavn - signing out. Adios.

Course 284
Speed/ 24 hr. average 5.6 knots
Distance remaining 110 miles
Remaining range with existing fuel 435 miles


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