Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 15, 2002

It is 1:00AM on May 15 as I write this. It has been a busy and productive day. Nordhavn arrived in Port St. Charles, Barbados at noon on the 14th and I can only describe the activities thereafter as something like a pit stop. Nordhavn pulled right up to the fuel dock and the courteous and efficient Bajan officials were quickly on board to complete the entry (and our exit at the same time). While that was going on we completed the fueling and Mike and Jeff M. inventoried the boat to determine what was on board before heading off to Price Smart (like Costco or BJ's). Crew three saved us some time by telling us there was nothing of note to eat or drink on board so Mike and Jeff went to Price Smart armed with their prepared shopping list to provision NORDHAVN for at least two weeks. The service at Price Smart was once again outstanding - we continue to be by impressed by how helpful and friendly these islanders are. I guess now that we've left we'll have to just accept the fact that their standard of welcome to off-islanders is a measure that the rest of the world should try to emulate.

Within 5 hours of her arrival, NORDHAVN was cleared in and out by customs and immigration, fueled, reprovisioned and the minor work list (change oil and filter, change engine air filter, replace Naiad cooling pump) was complete. At this point we drove crew #3 to the hotel and dropped them off to get settled. We returned to the hotel later to take crew #3 to the traditional "hand off" dinner at "Angry Angies". The dinner was a loud raucous affair. Jeff L, Pete and Justin had us in tears of laughter as they reminisced about their two months together moving NORDHAVN from Athens to Barbados. Fortified by Banks beer and clearly relieved to have completed their mission, the boys regaled us with the "real" story about Cape Verde (worse than the sanitized version that you have read on the ATW commentary) and the "real" story about Athens (you will have to read the book).We also filled crew #3 in on the "real" news from PAE which tends to get filtered in the e-mails and phone conversations.

Feeling the invisible but powerful transfer of command and responsibility onto our shoulders, crew #4 was more subdued as we thought about what lie ahead. The dinner broke up at about 10:00PM. We walked back to the hotel, said our goodbyes and took a taxi back to the boat. We had been planning to leave at daybreak on the 15th, but on the taxi ride back to the boat, Mike suggested that we leave immediately and put some miles in the bank. Jeff and I had been thinking the same thing, so we all said OK, lets go. Shirtless and with a balmy and gentle breeze pushing us, NORDHAVN set off from Barbados 10 1/2 hours after arriving.

I'll write more later, but I am feeling a little queasy while staring at this computer screen while trying to get my sea legs.


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