Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 15, 2002

Now 4:00 am and wrapping up the second watch...

Taking a boat on a company cruise around the world is not something that most normal businessmen do, but NORDHAVN is on a mission and we aren't doing anything like a typical cruise where you can island hop to top off the larder. Each selective port of call is perfectly described by Dan as a 'pit stop' and like a reality TV show there is only the script you make up as you go along. Planning, coordination, timing and luck all factor into the mix. After debriefing over dinner with Jeff L., Justin and Pete, it seems very clear that some of the finest logistics of the trip were found in Barbados - it's all there for all cruisers with a little bit of initiative and a willingness to just open up, ask questions and be blown away with the response. Barbados is a must stop island if you are in the neighborhood - 100 miles from St.Vincent and the Grenadines.


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