Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 16, 2002

It's 13:00 and we are cruising through the channel between the Grenadines and St. Vincent. It's about a five mile pass and we saw one freighter and a handful of multihull sailboats. We can see four islands total and we all just made some cell phone calls while we had a signal. Not sure we'll be able to use the cell phones again until we get closer to Panama. Dan and I keep shaking our heads in amazement of the technology. Two days ago he got a call in his Barbados hotel room and carried on a conversation with a Nordhavn 46 owner who dialed him up from his home in Hong Kong.

I talked with Jim Leishman and he told us to expect more of this great weather - hey, a lot can happen, but we're feeling guilty to have picked this leg so far and have reminisced about Dave Harlow and Ray Danet slugging across the Pacific being chased by cyclones. Even the third leggers got pasted for a couple of days between Athens and Barbados. We're holding on and enjoying a great start for our adventure.

Mike joined me for most of my watch this morning and we had some visitors so I'll sign off and let Mike tell the tale. - Jeff

Thanks Jeff but after reading yours and Cap'n Dan's entries I'm rather intimidated and fearful of sounding mundane and boring. But pressing on.... as Jeff mentioned we did have a rather unexpected and sudden encounter with a panga type boat manned by three crusty, smiling and friendly islanders. With our attention focused on picking up St. Vincent landfall off our starboard bow and not a living creature in sight, Jeff and I were surprised and startled by the presence of the fisherman not less than 20 feet on our starboard beam. Jeff and I gave each other "where did they come from, what do they want and what do we do now” looks! I instinctively went for my camera and the three responded as fisherman the world over by proudly displaying their prize 25 lb. Dorado catch grinning the whole time. I asked them if their destination was Kingstown and then motioned them alongside while Jeff fetched three cold sodas. With the outline of the mountains of St. Vincent now in view, they thanked us for the refreshment and gunned their outboard cutting through the 6-8 foot swells with ease. Another pleasant encounter with these always friendly and charming Caribbean people.


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