Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 17, 2002

2130 local time. Another balmy, tropical night with the usual following winds and seas pushing this "bulldog" (a great name, Dan) of a Nordhavn on a course of 260 to our next waypoint - the island of Aruba. Two hours short of two full days at sea and we're already out 325 nm from Barbados. Cap'n Dan and Jeff gave me the credit for suggesting to depart early but to be fair, I was just the first to verbalize what we were all thinking. ).

Now, as I sit here just inside the port door to the pilot house with the Southern Cross standing vertical on the port beam, the Big Dipper, with Castor and Pollux dutifully pointing to Polaris on the starboard beam, and the waxing quarter moon dipping toward the horizon on the starboard bow, I'm thinking "this is what I signed on for."

I'm not sure this was stated, but Cap'n Dan and I had been originally penciled for Leg #2 - Singapore to Gibraltar. The original length of 8 weeks, however, was just too long to be away from the office and when Leg 3 was divided, we both jumped at the chance for the Panama crossing portion. This new Leg is extra special for Dan because it conjures up the memory of a past adventure with his parents and two, younger sisters in these same waters lo these many years ago. But that story will be left for the good Captain to relate in an upcoming epistle. I will say, however, that earlier today I read Becky's diary of the adventure (Dan's youngest sister, who was 18 at the time) and it makes this trip look like a vacation at the Dana Point Ritz-Carlton. After having read the account, I'm astonished, Becky, that 1) You didn't jump ship and 2) You're still so close to "Danny". I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and thank you "Beanie" for sending it with Dan.

It's now just short of 2230, Dan and Jeff are asleep and I'm ready to close with a clear radar screen. Wishing you all well and special hugs to my daughters Christie and Kerry.


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