Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 20, 2002

We are now cruising along on a much calmer sea. The wind has died down to about 5 knots and while the remnants of the large seas are still with us, they are softer and with a longer period, so they now give us a gentle roll as they approach from the aft port quarter. It is quite beautiful.

We have now concluded that we just can’t make San Blas by Tuesday night, so we will slow down and time our arrival for first light on Wednesday morning.

This has been “gremlin” day. Just when we got the WC settled down, we started having trouble with the water maker. Just when we were in the middle of the water maker situation, 3 alarms went off as we lost GPS signal.

After about 30 minutes, the GPS signal came back and we are back to normal. I absolutely cannot explain what happened. As for the water maker, I think that it is some kind of OE (operator error). We have the manual out now and are trying to figure out why the panel says “open pressure relief valve” no matter what we do to it. The Spectra is a gorgeous unit and crew #3 was raving about it in Barbados. Also, we haven’t forgotten the superb service that Spectra gave us in Greece. If we can’t figure it out, we will just wait for Kevin Ryan’s arrival in Panama. Kevin is a dealer for Spectra and originally installed the unit. As soon as I see Kevin walking down the dock, I will say “Hi, Big Guy. Welcome to get in that lazarette.”


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