Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 21, 2002

Distance made good last 24 hours- 164 miles
Average speed last 24 hours 6.8
1800 RPM
Fuel burned last 24 hours 96 gallons (including generator)
Fuel remaining 383 by Flow Scan 380 by sight gauges
Range at current speed with remaining fuel (by site gauges) using data from last
24 hours- 649 nm
Distance remaining to San Blas 140 nm
Distance remaining to Panama Canal 250nm
Course 250
ER temp 112 F

Nordhavn is cruising along on smooth seas. The wind is calm and the residue of previous seas continues to subside. The GPS problem was resolved by the tip from Jim that if you turn on the breaker for the back-up sat phone dome, it will disable the GPS. JeffM did that earlier today to see if we got a signal from that phone and then must have gotten distracted and forgot about it. We will tackle the watermaker in the morning with some other tips from Jim.

I am frustrated because we are going to miss our daylight window into San Blas by just a few hours. We will be 140 miles from San Blas at 1:00 AM. We haven’t slowed down yet- we are still hoping for a miracle current between now and then.

WOOOOWWW I just got the crap scared out of me. My knees are shaking and my heart racing as I type this. Some kind of aircraft just passed right over us in the pitch dark and must have cleared us by less than 50 feet. It was unlighted and might have been helicopter. I couldn’t see a thing. That gave me the creeps. We have been somewhat unnerved by “Columbia” and have even questioned the wisdom of broadcasting these reports but then decided that was too paranoid and we were being babies compared to what the previous crews have faced.

That shook me up. I am going to call it a night on writing


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