Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 21, 2002

Good morning from NORDHAVN. The seas are "oily" this morning as we are enjoying dead calm conditions. "They" visited us again this morning. During Mike's watch a 4-engine plane (Mike thinks it was P3-Orion) buzzed us at about 200 feet. As before, it approached from the stern. It all happened so fast that Mike couldn't make out if it was Coast Guard, Navy, foreign or what. Mike was quite unaffected by the event (as though that happens every morning while you are drinking your coffee) and even suggested that I overreacted in my dramatic report of last night's encounter. After all, we're men right? Dirk Pitt wouldn't even have looked up...

I have been watching rain cells on the radar and we are now driving thru one and getting a nice morning bath.


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