Around The World Voyage : Commentary : Leg 4

May 21, 2002

Tuesday has begun. When I went to sleep at about 21:30 last night we had the wind on our bow and we were running in a short chop. No where near as bad as the sleepless night of a few days ago, but just enough to make it rough. We are below 11 degrees latitude, are these then the 'hobby horse latitudes'? Nope.

Six hours later at 3:30 am and we could be on the ICW. 4 knots of wind and for the first time on this trip NORDHAVN can best be described as gliding...this gallant gal is slicing ahead, on course effortlessly. The white frothing foam chewed up by our bow trails off astern, shining on top of the black sea. Our wake carves out our path, we are a zipper opening up the Caribbean Sea.

The moon has just pulled her reflection off the smooth water ahead. A shooting star just flamed out to the South of me, validating my routine of patrolling the Portuguese bridge to scan the horizon.

I have one white light off my starboard side. It has moved from my quarter to my beam in the last hour, but it does not show on the radar. It is now two white lights, a big freighter, and though I can't make out the red running light we must be moving along in the same direction.

Now a flash of lightning lights up the sky forward to port about 20 degrees off the bow. I'm lucky on the bridge tonight.Quiet seas and still air...perhaps it's the calm before a storm. Or just the night air charged up since it is 83 degrees F outside.

Another bridge patrol and this time I see a lightning flash as I am looking through the binoculars - fantastic! Pure luck.

3:45 am. Lat 10.28.608. Lon 76.57.392. Heading 238. Speed 7.3 knots at 1800 rpm. 120 miles until our waypoint off San Blas.

Getting close to time for Mike to take my place. One more patrol and the hourly ships log entry then back to sleep.


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